30 Day Water Challenge: Week 3

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I can’t believe it’s already February! Time is flying by.  I only have 16 more days left in this water challenge! I am happy to announce that I made my goal every day this week! I feel awesome about that 🙂  I was really focused and it paid off.

Since I’ve been drinking at least 128 oz consistently for two weeks now, everyday I’m finding it easier to drink large amounts of water daily. Before I would struggle. I felt like 50 oz was a lot of water. Now, I am downing 128 oz like its nothing. #beastmode

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I had nothing to drink but water and coffee from Monday to Friday, but on Saturday I went to New Jersey to visit friends and we ended up at a wine bar for dinner. At the beginning of this challenge I told myself that I was still allowed to enjoy life, be social, but I would just be smarter about it. That is why Monday-Friday I really focus on only drinking water and of course coffee (I limit myself to one cup a day) because there was no way I was I going to be giving up coffee, and weekends I can definitely have wine. By the conclusion of dinner, I ended up only having two glasses of wine. See, I did good! Only two glasses.

We left the wine bar and went to another restaurant to meet up with another friend. By that time it was getting late and I was getting tired, so I ordered a Coke hoping it would give me some energy. Wrong!  As soon as I finished the glass of Coke I felt a headache brewing. I immediately got the waitresses attention to asked for a glass of water thinking it would help with my headache. To no surprise, the water definitely helped. I officially know to stay away from soda! Especially while I’m completing this challenge.

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My Skin:

I can tell a difference in my skin. It just looks healthier to me. Looks and feels more hydrated.



My nose is normally very dry. Dry to the point where I have to use Nivea Creme to help with the dryness. This week I noticed something strange. My nose has been unusually oily for some reason. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the amount of water I am consuming throughout the day, but I am not complaining right now because I haven’t had to deal with a dry skin around my nose area all week! Haha 🙂

This stuff works wonders for my dry skin.

This stuff works wonders for my dry skin.

Basically I only have a little over two weeks left in this challenge. This week I will continue to stay focused because if I don’t, I know how easy it is to allow time within the day to slip away and realize I am not even close to meeting my daily goal. Not a good feeling! I’m happy it’s Monday morning and I’m pumped about having a good week!

If you are completed a #30DayWaterChallenge, keep up the good work! Let me know how it’s going. If you are thinking about doing it…GO FOR IT!

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Awesome! Alysha January is the Marketing Manager from the Historic Charles Street Association and co-owner of Busheler's of Baltimore. She is an activist who is very passionate about creating equality, inclusion, and diversity throughout the community. She created a blog and instagram account called Discover Charm City to highlight Baltimore’s small businesses, local food scene, and her personal life-style. Alysha wants to show others how to live, work, and play in Baltimore and beyond. Alysha also host women empowerment events she calls, Gap Pal Events. She invites women to come connect with other women from the community in a safe open environment.

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