Summer is Almost Over!

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I can’t believe it. Summer 2020 has come and gone so quickly. No worries though, you still have time to cross off an adventure or two from your bucket list before Tuesday, September 22nd.

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Practical Gifts For Your Hunny!


I absolutely LOVE Valentine’s Day!

It’s so fun to me.

Typically I’m prepared, but this year I dropped the ball.

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You Need Gal Pals… Believe Me!


I love all the women in my life for so many reasons.

I use to be the girl that would say dumb shit like ” I get along much better with guys!”  Meaning I don’t like hanging with girls. I cringe when I think about that statement now.
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I Can’t Believe It’s December!

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I can’t believe it’s December! I swear it was just the 4th of July yesterday!

Time is flying by, and the holiday’s will come and go in a flash. To make sure I’m being intentional with my time, I wrote down a few activities and traditions that I don’t want Aaron and I to miss out on this year.

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Time to Activate: Tips on how to regain focus!

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Recently, I woke up and had to have a serious conversation with myself.

Do you ever have to do that?

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Spa’rty at Live Casino Hotel & Spa

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My friends and I booked a half day “Spa’rty” experience at Live Casino Hotel & Spa and had the most relaxing day ever. Watch this video to see it all!

Self-care can come in a lot of different forms, and my favorite kind of activity is spending time with my girlfriends. I mean real quality time catching up, motivating, and uplifting each other to continue pushing towards our goals.

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Gifts For Your Practical Friend!

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Discover Charm City practical gift guide

I’m the girl that likes receiving gift cards for my birthday and Christmas because then I can go get something I really like or need. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate any gift given, but only a few people really understand my style, so I’d rather make it easy for the people around me and request gift cards.

Every year my parents ask me what I want for Christmas, and I always say “CASH please or make a payment towards my student loans/debt” – haha, but seriously, that’s the best  gift to me. Getting rid of my debt would be the ultimate gift! Read More

Live! Casino + Hotel

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Initially when I found out that Live! Casino was opening a hotel, I turned my nose up at the idea. I just couldn’t wrap my head around how a hotel could be relaxing if it was connected to a casino at Arundel Mills.


Boy, was I wrong! I was invited to the grand opening, and of course I wanted to be nosy and see what all the hype was about so I attended. During the hotel tour, I was BLOWN away at how elegant it was. I knew right then and there that I would have to do a staycation at the Live! Casino & Hotel.

The opportunity came and I was able to book a one night stay at the hotel, relax at the spa, see Tracy Morgan live, and eat at The wonderful Prime Rib.

The experience was awesome! I was skeptical at first thinking that I wouldn’t be able to fully relax because of the casino, but that just wasn’t the case at all. As soon as I stepped into the hotel the calm atmosphere immediately helped my stress level decrease.

The rooms were spacious, chic, and very stylish. To best suit your needs, the hotel offers different types of room options.

Make sure to when you book your stay you also schedule at least one rejuvenating treatment at Live! Casino Hotel’s beautiful spa. The experience was absolutely fabulous. I wanted to stay there all day! I 100% plan on booking another full day of relaxation at the spa very soon.

After the spa we went back to our room and got dressed for the night. We decided to go eat at The Prime Rib which is located in Live! Casino. Again, one of the awesome things about the casino is that when you’re on the actual casino floor you’re amongst everyone having a good time, all the hustle and bustle, the lights, and the music, but is soon as you enter The Prime Rib its like you’re in a different place altogether. The food was delicious and the service was excellent per usual!

After dinner we went to see Tracy Morgan on the Live! Event Center. The space seats about 4,000 people! Live! Casino schedules exciting shows, so check out their schedule to stay in the loop.

Once the show came to an end, we decided grab a cocktail and play our luck! It was so fun to play at the casino for a bit.

It was an incredible feeling to be able to walk to our room and not have to worry about driving home after such a great night.

I slept extremely well that night and even slept in the next day. I finally got the rest I needed thanks to Live! Casino & Hotel. I’ll definitely be going back.

Until next time…




10 Experiences Before 32

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I can’t believe I will be turning 32 years old in two months. November 8th to be exact and honestly I’m getting very excited. I think its because 31 was a rough year for me. I’m finally crawling out of a weird funk. Don’t get me wrong, I had some amazing things happen over the last year, but my overall good mental health wasn’t always there. Nor do I expect to be high on happiness all the time, but I know myself well enough to understand things weren’t quite right this year. I’m on a journey of living a healthier lifestyle, being more discipline, and focusing on self care. I’m feeling so much better and ready to have a kick-ass year.

In the next two months there are a few experiences I want to have. Nothing extravagant, but activities I’ve been putting off doing for too long for no particular reason other than not being disciplined enough to execute. Enough is Enough, before November 8th, 2018, these 10 experiences hopefully will be off my to-do-list.

1.) Take a spin class. I will probably hate myself after, but I am determined to at least try it.  COMPLETED 9/8/18: 

2.) Walk to the top of the Washington Monument. I mean how can I say I love Mt. Vernon and I’ve never actually been to the top of the monument.

3.) Take a cooking class a Schola

4.) Go to a show at An Die Musik

5.) Mezcal tasting at Clavel

6.) I want to do a brew tour around Baltimore. I want to visit Suspended Brewing Company,Peabody Heights Brewery, Charm City Meadworks, Diamondback Brewing Co, Monument City Brewing, & Oliver Brewing Company. I’m always at Union or Waverly (because I love them) but it’s time for me to spread my wings haha. I consumed products from most of these breweries, but I want to actually go visit their house.

7.) Wine tasting tour. I’m leaning towards doing a mini vacay in Frederick, MD and visit wineries out there.

8.) Get a facial. I really need to make this a part of my regular skin care routine.

9.) Have a feast with friends at Cazbar and attend their Belly Dancing Show.

10.) Host a donation drive.  Completed 9/18 

I’ll keep you posted as I knock these activities off the list one-by-one.

Until next time,




Motivation vs Discipline

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Discipline over motivation in my mantra for the rest of Summer 2018. Hell, actually it’s my mantra until it is so embedded in my everyday life that I don’t even think about it anymore.

Developing more discipline will help me complete the tasks in my day-to-day that normally I try to make an excuse to push to another day. It’s getting ridiculous! I can’t live like this anymore. I want to level up, accomplish more, and use my time more wisely. Focusing on discipline is the only thing that can help me. Read More