My Best of Bmore


Where’s your favorite spot in Baltimore?

thinking face

Is the question I’ve been asking everyone lately. People have been struggling to answer this question. I’m not surprised.

This is a conversation with my boyfriend, Aaron, that comes up often and we’ve been trying to figure it out for quite some time now. He is a native to Baltimore, and really couldn’t answer the question either. We both love Baltimore and can spit out different restaurants, bars, attractions, and museums we’ve checked out and liked…but if you ask us what our favorite is? We may have a difficult time answering.

I’ve decided that I am really going to start focusing on finding my favorites in Baltimore. I mean like really finding the places and things I love! I think that one problem has been that I am out running around the city all the time and honestly, I ‘m not appreciating what’s happening around me as much as I should. I am out on the town probably 4-5 days out the week. My busy-body schedule probably needs to slow down…but yeah… who am I kidding, that’s probably not going to change any time soon, but I am going to start making a better effort to start appreciating the spaces I’m in, the food I’m eating, and the cocktails I’m drinking.

I’m taking notes and really starting to rank my experiences. I’m going to allow my taste buds to do the talking, and when I find something that I REALLY like I will share and make sure to talk about it with you all.

Until next time…