I’m  Alysha 🙂


I live, work, and play in Baltimore. The Charm City, some call it. I have a few years under my belt now, but I’m still discovering new things everyday. Discovering not only Baltimore’s charm, but discovering who I am.

While on my journey, I just want to connect with good people. The people who are trying to make a difference and help the community thrive.

I’m so in love with Baltimore City. It’s home.

I am…

…always looking for the opportunity to connect people to one another.

…always hosting, especially my GalPal Events which bring kick-ass women together in a safe place to meet and make new friends! #bemoregalpals Women supporting one another is a big deal to me. Especially supporting other black and brown girls in the community.

… in love with interior design and architecture.

… obsessed with mixing patterns!

…a believer that leopard print is a neutral.

… am a huge supporter of local small businesses. I appreciate small businesses owners that are going after their dreams. They inspire me the most.

Until next time…




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