Five Friend Dates Ideas (that don’t include going out to dinner!)

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Here’s a quick list of Friend Date Ideas that are simple, but fun. It’s important to change it up sometimes and see your friend in a different light. By doing this, you’re bound to find out something new about who they are. Making memories together by doing something out of the ordinary is special.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love going out to a delicious dinner and sip cocktails, but sometimes I’m looking to do something different with my friends.

Aren’t you?

Well then, check out the list below.


This activity isn’t just for kids! It’s actually a really relaxing activity to do with a friend, especially when you’re in desperate need of having a gab sesh! Just google “paint-your-own-pottery” to find the nearest studio to you.

If you there isn’t one, no worries, set up a studio at home on the dining room table. All you need to do is purchase your own paint, a few canvases, and go to town!

Locally at Amazing Glaze (Mt. Washington)- You can make a reservation for a two hour slot, bring your own snacks and wine! Lucky for you, a Whole Foods and a wine store are right next door.

Visit a Museum Together

Going to the museum can be so much fun with your favorite friend. It definitely gives you time to chitchat, but bonus, you also can get your steps in!

While at the museum, why not play a silly game? I found these games that are actually for children on Condé Nast Traveler, but I’d totally play as well. We need to loosen up anyway. Check it out:

From the article. Just substitute child for your adult self haha! “A classic museum game is to have your child pick one piece in each room that they would rescue if the museum was on fire—and perhaps which item they would toss straight into the inferno as they flee the building. For an imaginative or fantasy-loving child, it’s also fun to ask them to pick which piece of art they’d want to go into if they could magically visit one of the scenes. You might be surprised by what they pick—and why. For younger children, give them something to count, like the number of apples that appear in a painting or how many different animals they can find in an exhibit.”

Lovely right?! I’m sure you’ve never done this with you friends before. Let’s change that!

Google to find your local museum or gallery. Within the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area we have a ton of museum to choose from.

City Walk with Disposable Film Cameras

Go to you local CVS, purchase disposable cameras, and go to town! Discover the charm of your city and capture all that you see. This friend date will be a highlight for you both.

Your follow up date, could be a coffee meet up to look at the developed pictures!

Disposable Cameras

Rage Room or Axe Throwing

Relieve some stress together!

These types of places are all around the Country and locally in Baltimore we have both.

Outdoor Fitness Class

Gal Pal Fitness outdoors with a trainer.

It’s easy to find a outdoor fitness class these days. Yes, it’s getting colder outside, but you can handle it. Even if you decide to meet in a park or in your backyard, just bring an iPad outside to do yoga or a meditation together.

Wanna step it up? Why not commit to finding and working out with a trainer for one month, once a week together?

I hope this list gave you a few new friend dates ideas to try.

Until next time…




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Awesome! Alysha January is the Marketing Manager from the Historic Charles Street Association and co-owner of Busheler's of Baltimore. She is an activist who is very passionate about creating equality, inclusion, and diversity throughout the community. She created a blog and instagram account called Discover Charm City to highlight Baltimore’s small businesses, local food scene, and her personal life-style. Alysha wants to show others how to live, work, and play in Baltimore and beyond. Alysha also host women empowerment events she calls, Gap Pal Events. She invites women to come connect with other women from the community in a safe open environment.

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