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#TheStruggle of Getting Back on Track

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The month of December I completely fell off! Literally, all the positive habits I developed have gone by the wayside. I am tired of my excuses! TODAY I get back on TRACK! 5:00 AM #WakeUpCall: I normally to wake up at 5:00 am every morning to begin my day. Yes, I had a morning routine, (in a later post I will explain my morning routine and the benefits of waking up early) I didn’t just […]

Koba Cafe: Eclectic Charm

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Living in the Federal Hill/ Locust Point neighborhood it had been a struggle for me to find a coffee cafe that had some charm. I found myself at Starbuck a lot, and lets be honest;  Starbucks is nothing special. I needed to find a place that opened early like Starbucks because I like to start my day at 5Am, but had a little more flavor. I work from home so I enjoy going to a […]