Roam Fitness at BWI Airport

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Roam Fitness BWI Airport Location

To be honest, I really wasn’t sure how I felt about this new concept of working out at the airport before take-off … but now, after touring Roam Fitness it totally makes sense to me. This gym was amazing, super modern, and exactly what BWI airport was missing.

If you don’t have work out clothes with you, it’s all good! You can rent gear including shoes when you arrive. This accommodation is included in your gym fee.

Roam can provide you with everything you’ll need to workout. Lululemon workout clothes to rent (included in your membership), all the modern equipment you’ll need to get your sweat on, & beautiful bathrooms to get fresh before your flight. One of the coolest things, something I would have never thought of, they have a vacuum seal station where your sweaty clothes can be sealed. This makes it easier to travel and elimates any concern about your sweaty clothes ruining anything in your carry-on!

Vacuum Sealer! Your sweaty clothes don’t have to funk-up your carry on!

I have a feeling you’ll feel very comfortable showering in the Roam Fitness bathrooms. Why? The restrooms are private and feel like home.

Roam Fitness has you covered!

Locker Room

So, instead of rushing and becoming frustrated at the airport during this crazy holiday season; why not plan to arrive a few hours early, check out Roam Fitness, and then have a lovely meal at one of the many restaurant options in the airport!

ROAM Fitness has an awesome holiday offer going on right now. For the remainder of 2017, anytime someone purchases a day pass from ROAM Fitness ($25), they can purchase an additional day pass gift card for someone else (could this also just be for you!) at 40% off ($15). Do you have a frequent-traveler friend? They probably would love this as a gift.  Visit for more details!

Let me know how you feel about having a gym option available in the airport. Comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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