Whoof! My name is Madonna!

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DiscoverCharmCity has a new member of the family! So excited to introduce this beauty! She is a healthy 3 year old retriever/ lab mix from BARCS Animal Shelter!


Hi! My name is Madonna!

This has been a long time coming. If you’ve been following DiscoverCharmCity for a while you may be wondering, ” Where is your other lab, Monty?” Well, let me make a long story short, my ex boyfriend and I adopted Monty together from Paws for Life, a wonderful dog shelter in Chesapeake City, about 2 years ago, but when we broke up about a year ago and we decided that Monty would stay with him. I know he is being loved and taken care of, but it was and still is devastating:(

Fast forward to now, a year later, I knew I was ready  to adopt again and the search was on!


I knew I wanted to adopt. No shade towards anyone who goes to a breeder, but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing that there are so many dogs right here in my community that need a happy home.

So you think you’re ready to adopt?

One tip I have for a person who is considering adopting… be patient. You may not connect with a dog/or cat the first  time you go to visit a shelter.

I surely didn’t.

I went back to the BARCS three times before I committed to a dog, but once I saw Madonna, it was LOVE at first site. She jumped in my lap as the match-maker was trying to take her back to her crate and from that interaction, I just knew she had to come home with me.


After making the decision that I wanted Madonna, BARCS would allow me to take her home the very next day. So that’s what I did. The next day I showed up at BARCS & was very excited! I went to pick her up and I was nervous. Its totally normal to be nervous, especially because of the unknown, plus owning a dog is a huge responsibility.


Tip number two. YOU MUST BE COMITTED. Really think about what it means to own a pet. For example, I am constantly out-and-about, so I REALLY needed to consider how this would effect my time. In the end, I decided that I was up for the challenge!

Having Madonna leave BARCS to go to her forever home with me made me so incredibly happy. I’ve made a vow to make her life as fun as possible while she is here on this earth. She is a gift from God that will help me appreciate the little things in life just a little more.

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My new sweetheart

Until Next Time,





The Author

Awesome! Alysha January is the Marketing Manager from the Historic Charles Street Association and co-owner of Busheler's of Baltimore. She is an activist who is very passionate about creating equality, inclusion, and diversity throughout the community. She created a blog and instagram account called Discover Charm City to highlight Baltimore’s small businesses, local food scene, and her personal life-style. Alysha wants to show others how to live, work, and play in Baltimore and beyond. Alysha also host women empowerment events she calls, Gap Pal Events. She invites women to come connect with other women from the community in a safe open environment.

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