30 Day Water Challenge: Week Two

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Week two into my #30DayWaterChallenge and I’m feeling great! As promised, here is a quick update on my water journey.

Before I began this challenge 1 week ago my morning went something like this: Wake up, stumble downstairs to the kitchen, immediately turn the Keurig on, and have a cup of coffee. It’s pretty much the same now, but instead of #butfirstcoffee, it’s #butfirstwater. Opening the refrigerator, grabbing my water bottle from the bottom shelf that I filled with water the night before taste oh so good!  It is so refreshing.

50.7 oz bottle of water I drink from during the day.

50.7 oz bottle of water I drink from during the day.

I’ve heard  before that when you wake up in the morning you should have a glass of water but I rarely ever did that… I always went straight for coffee, but not anymore. I crave water in the morning. Once I’ve had my water I do still have a cup of coffee but instead of two or three cups I only have one. I just don’t have the same desire to have multiple cups of coffee any more. I only have one cup a day and the crazy thing is during this last week a few of those days I only could drink half of the coffee. I think the water gave me a boost in energy. Instead of relying on coffee to wake me, my body actually only needed water to jump-start my day.

My Skin:

I don’t really see any difference in my skin, but that’s ok. If my dark circles don’t get better, its all good! Thats what makeup is for! haha! No, but seriously I know that by the end of this challenge my skin will be thanking me. My skin will be more hydrated just like the rest of my body.

#30DayWaterChallenge: Week Two

#30DayWaterChallenge: Week Two Picture taken with my camera at 6:30 AM Monday 1/26/2015

Overall Feeling:

This #30DayWaterChallenge has been really good for me. I like the fact that I am accomplishing something every day. Even though it’s something small it’s a motivation tool. I push through drinking the water everyday even though sometimes I don’t feel like it!

I made my goal this week. Well, actually I exceeded my 128 oz per day goal, except on Saturday.


🙂 Example of one of my completed days.

On Saturday I wasn’t as focused on drinking my water as a should have and I didn’t complete the challenge. I only made it to about 100 oz of water.

Saturday I didn't make my goal of 128 oz of water :(

Saturday I didn’t make my goal of 128 oz of water 😦

That night I went to a bday party and had a few  “mocktails”, and OMG the next day I had a horrible headache! I think it had to do with the ingredients that were in the “mocktails” : sugar, sparkling cidars, fruit juices, & different types of sodas. I know that each “mocktail” I consumed contained a lot of sugar , and during this first week of the challenge I haven’t had anything to drink but water, coffee, and occasionally I had a Crystal Light after I completed the water goal for the day. Nothing with a lot of sugar. Sunday, I got back on track.  I took medicine to rid the headache and finished my 128 oz goal for the day. The headache hasn’t returned since.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 7.28.40 AM

I am excited to complete this week and update you all next week. I want to hear from YOU! What is your relationship like with water?

Until Next Time,




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