The Count Down Begins…

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I can’t even believe that the time has come… I am turning 30 years old in less than 8 short weeks. It’s time to say goodbye to my 20’s. So much has happened over the last 10 years of my life that honestly the details of it all… I remember very little. I mean I have great memories, but really just tidbits. My God, the past decade came and went so fast! Now on to my 30’s we go…
What does being thirty even mean?

Ever since I was a young girl in college (thinking I was grown… DEFINITELY WAS NOT LOL), I thought a women in her early thirty’s was in her prime. She had it goin’ on! I thought once I became 30 I would know something I didn’t already know before, as if the number of years I’ve walked this earth dictated my ability to be compassionate, loving, selfless, financially secure, intelligent, and confident. Not the case at all. My experiences along this journey to 30 have molded me into the women I am today…A women who looks at thirty as a time to celebrate, not because she thinks her life starts at 30, but because she has been for years working towards greatness and will continue beyond 30. I realized years ago that it doesn’t matter and I shouldn’t be fixated on age. It does not quantify maturity, compassion, intelligence, or wisdom. I’ve met a lot of compassionate and mature 20 year olds just like I’ve met a lot of 45 year olds that are completely immature, selfish, and ignorant.

Trying to become a better person every day.

My early 30’s will consist of me continuing to live my life the way that makes me happy. I have no idea what the future holds, but I know the Lords has my back. He has never steered me wrong.

Other than that, I have goals I’d like to meet, but these are goals I’ve been striving for over the last couple of years…and I will continue taking the right steps to achieve them.

Now that I am a little under 8 weeks out from my milestone birthday of the BIG 3-0 and I do have a list of not-so-serious things I’d like to try before that big day comes. Nothing too serious, I just want to challenge myself a bit and do a few fun things along the way.

That means for the next 7 weeks I MUST go to the gym at least three times a week. I’m hoping that if I can accomplish consistently going to the gym over the next few weeks it will become habit and I will be rolling into my 30’s with my good foot forward.
I am going to start the water challenge again by drinking a gallon of water a day. I’ll be tracking my progress.

Also, I have to start taking my daily vitamins. I’m horrible about it, but I will DO BETTER!

2.) Final decision: I’m going to start my half sleeve.

If you know me, I’ve probably at some point told you a story about this women I saw when I was about 12 years old at Target. She was the most beautiful women I had ever seen before. She had a light pink flowy dress on that came to right above her knees and she was completely covered in tattoos. All this beautiful artwork covered her body except her face. That moment has stuck with me. It was amazing. From that point on, I just knew that I wanted some type of art work tattooed on my body. I won’t be covering my whole body, that’s just not my thing…I still like to cover up when I feel it’s appropriate… I don’t know why I care, maybe it’s a hint of a southern belle left in me.

I love this.

3.) Help Others
Give back as much as possible. Please DM me, email, or call me with any volunteer opportunities going on in Baltimore. Volunteering use to be a big part of my life. Now it still a part of my life now, but not in such a big way anymore. I need to change that.


Last years hiking trip: Shenandoah Valley

I should do this more often actually. It’s so important to get out of the city and embrace this beautiful earth. Especially the amazing trails that are here in the DMV area. I want to pick a place to go hiking and while on that hike take a little “me-time” and do a little self-reflection as I enter into my 30’s.

Shenandoah Valley

Ok, so I have to be realistic. I’m not even going to set myself up for failure and say I can do whole week. Not happening. This will be my first time detoxing from social media, it will be difficult, but it’s much needed. I’ve decided that I will detox for one weekend. No uploading, checking, or responding to anything dealing for social media form 6:00am Saturday morning to a 6:00am Monday morning.
6.) READ
Finish one book.
I’ve decided to re-read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

I should be able to complete these six things before November 8th rolls around! I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Until next time,




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Awesome! Alysha January is the Marketing Manager from the Historic Charles Street Association and co-owner of Busheler's of Baltimore. She is an activist who is very passionate about creating equality, inclusion, and diversity throughout the community. She created a blog and instagram account called Discover Charm City to highlight Baltimore’s small businesses, local food scene, and her personal life-style. Alysha wants to show others how to live, work, and play in Baltimore and beyond. Alysha also host women empowerment events she calls, Gap Pal Events. She invites women to come connect with other women from the community in a safe open environment.

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