Self-Care Staycation at Hotel Monaco, a Kimpton Hotel

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Before I go any further with my staycation post. I have to be honest… for the last two years, I’ve always said to others that I’m the laziest blogger EVER. Truth is, I’m not. I mean, I was starting to think something was seriously wrong with me because I have a million awesome ideas written down and I would never execute! I’d start writing post and either I’d complete it, never post, and it would just sit in my draft box or I’d start a post and never finished it. Why do I do this to myself? I’d post basic content just to having something on the website but nothing really that great. I’d often ponder vblogging or starting a podcast, but my procrastination I knew would just bleed over. Well finally, I came to the realization that I am just procrastinating on not taking the next leap. I’m not sure if I am scared or what’s holding me back from making the next move. Am I nervous? Probably so… I mean I like where I am now, BUT I know I am supposed to be doing something bigger. It’s starting to keep me up at night. Who knows where I will end up? Only the Big Guy Upstairs knows the ending to my story. I just know I have to commit and the TIME IS NOW. So from now on, my mind set is to treat at my blog as my personal diary that I want to share with anyone who is willing to read.

So, on to the post that hopefully will be the beginning of many more….


There’s something about staying in a hotel room that puts me at ease. My mind becomes un-fucked and I can finally relax. Checking into a nice hotel just puts my mind at peace. I immediately feel calm, and unbothered. Even if it’s a hotel in the same city in which I live, it doesn’t matter, it works. That’s why staycations are so important to me and should be to you also. Self-care is so critical to our health and we tend to forget about it. I understand you may not have the time for a full-fledged vacation, but you still need a “vacation” & staycations can be the next best thing.

Hey, some people don’t get it, but I say “don’t knock it until you try it.” Trust me, do yourself a favor, book even just one night at hotel you’ve been eyeing around your city. Personally, I suggest you find a Kimpton Hotel.

I had my eye on Hotel Monaco for quite some time now… What a beauty, and recently I had the pleasure of staying at this incredible hotel. Ya’ll, I’ve been wanted to stay in this hotel since the first time I laid eye on the building when I moved to Baltimore.

Listen, my pictures CAN NOT and NEVER will be able to capture the beauty of this building, but I tried my best to capture it as a non-professional photographer. Shout out to all the REAL PHOTOGRAPHERS out there. Much respect!

Besides its beauty, Kimpton Hotels just know how to do it right! Their standards are high and they try to meet your every need. I know I tend to look for Kimpton Hotels whenever I travel because I don’t want any problems!


Of course we needed to eat, and lucky for us there is a restaurant called B&O Brasserie at the hotel. I’ve eaten at B&O Brasserie a couple of times before my stay at the hotel. I am a fan. I do suggest you dining there during your staycation. It’s just an easy ride down the elevators to the front door of the restaurant. Why deal with the hustle and bustle of the city while you’re trying to relax? It’s a very cozy restaurant with good service, craft cocktails (a plus) and tasty food. Aaron and I ordered quite a bit and just shared everything so that we could taste most of what they had to offer.


When choosing Hotel Monaco you’re choosing to stay in the best location in the city. It’s in the heart of Baltimore on Historic Charles Street. Seriously, walk out the front door of the hotel, turn left, and you’re only a few blocks from Mt. Vernon. You could even take a VERY SHORT ride on the FREE Charm City Circulator bus which can take you almost anywhere in the city, like dropping you off directly in front of the Washington Monument, where you can go eat at Dooby’s and then explore The Walters Museum. If you turn right, then you are steps away from the Inner harbor, or an inexpensive Uber/Lyft ride to ANY WHERE in the city.

The room:

So after dinner…back in our room, I wanted to do like a mini spa treatment without actually having to go to a spa. I packed facemasks for Aaron and I and a special hard scrub. We set time aside before bed to actually do the facemask. They were awesome and the process was super relaxing for less than $20. We put calming music on and sat in silence… Well, Aaron fell asleep with the mask on, ugh! BUT I needed the silence actually… I didn’t know I did…but I did. Something about the silence forced me to listen to myself and begin to sort out the things that were tugging at your heart. Finally, Aaron woke up from a quick 30 minute nap, we played Uno (I carry Uno cards almost everywhere), laughed, finished a bottle of wine, and just enjoyed each other’s company alone. It was perfect!

The next morning, I slept in of course (sleeping in to me is like 7:30-8am), grabbed hotel coffee and watched morning talk shows in the seating area. I purposely didn’t rush. Aaron had to leave early so I had the whole morning to myself.

This short mid-week staycation was exactly what I needed to refresh.

Click the link below to watch my instastory of my stay at Hotel Monaco in Baltimore, MD.

Until next time,




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Awesome! Alysha January is the Marketing Manager from the Historic Charles Street Association and co-owner of Busheler's of Baltimore. She is an activist who is very passionate about creating equality, inclusion, and diversity throughout the community. She created a blog and instagram account called Discover Charm City to highlight Baltimore’s small businesses, local food scene, and her personal life-style. Alysha wants to show others how to live, work, and play in Baltimore and beyond. Alysha also host women empowerment events she calls, Gap Pal Events. She invites women to come connect with other women from the community in a safe open environment.

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