How to Throw Together a Last Minute Friendsgiving!

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Okay, so Thanksgiving is like two weeks away, and you’ve just decided that you want to host a “Friendsgiving”. NO SWEAT!


Here are a few tips on how to put together an amazing stress free shindig!

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First of all, do not, I repeat, DO NOT take on all the responsibility of preparing the food! Potluck style is your best friend for this type of event! As the host, decide on what style of food should be served at Friendsgiving. Seriously, be as creative or as traditional as you want to be. 


Traditional Thanksgiving Food- Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, casseroles etc.

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Non-traditional Ideas:

Chili Cookoff- Each person can make a different type of chili to share. Also, have an array of toppings and breads to dip!

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Order out:

Order Chinese food! Just have a feast of food from a local restaurant. It doesn’t have to be fancy! Remember Friendsgiving is about being with your friends before you head off to be with family. It’s a time to come together and be thankful that you have each other!

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My personal non- traditional favorite Friendsgiving idea is to just host a cocktail party with tapas that are themed around Thanksgiving traditional style food. Small portions and yummy drinks! 

Check out for her Mini Thanksgiving Menu

Mini Tasting: picture from www.

Friendsgiving definitely needs a dessert table! 

If you are anything like me, I’m not baking. Maybe you have friends that love to bake, that’s wonderful, but make sure you assign those people to bring the sweets. Or once again, just order your desserts! I’m all about showing local businesses love.

Face it, some friends just DON’T cook!

For those friends that do not cook, put them in charge of providing the drinks! 

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Maybe have a mini wine and booze tasting. Have the people who aren’t cooking bring their favorite wine, cocktail, or beer to share with everyone. This allows that person to still get creative and share what they enjoy with friends.

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Decor for your Friendsgiving Shindig:

Keep it simple. 

Whatever the word “simple” means to you… Do it!

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Don’t Forget about the Music! 

Make a playlist with all the music you like! Mix it up with classics and new jams. 


Let’s play: Have games ready to play after dinner is complete to keep the party going!

You know your group of friends the best, so all I can say about the this is keep it as traditinal as you want with card games, pictionary, connect four, checkers, OR turn it up with a few drinking games like Two Truths and a Lie, Never, or Beer Snap. Click on the link below for more adult games that for sure will make your Friendsgiving one to remember!

Giving Thanks;

During this special time with friends, take a moment and share what each of you are thankful for. It’s important to do this. There is so much to be thankful for and we should share those with each other. 


Have fun with this! Who cares if it not perfect and super fancy! Just get all your friends together in one place to break brea during this holiday season! Eat, laugh, & make memories!

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