Creating Positive Vibes

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About one year ago, I posted a similar piece about small positive changes that make big differences in your day, and I thought we all probably needed a friendly reminder. Right? Ok, ok, I really just needed to be reminded that these few tips really help my day stay on a positive track.

Maybe these small changes will truly impact your day in a positive way too.

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1. Try waking up one (1) hour earlier than you normally do to start your day. When I say get up, I don’t mean use that hour to check your Instagram feed or answer emails either. Want more? Click to continue reading!

Self-Care Staycation at Hotel Monaco, a Kimpton Hotel

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Before I go any further with my staycation post. I have to be honest… for the last two years, I’ve always said to others that I’m the laziest blogger EVER. Truth is, I’m not. I mean, I was starting to think something was seriously wrong with me because I have a million awesome ideas written down and I would never execute! I’d start writing post and either I’d complete it, never post, and it would just sit in my draft box or I’d start a post and never finished it. Why do I do this to myself? I’d post basic content just to having something on the website but nothing really that great. I’d often ponder vblogging or starting a podcast, but my procrastination I knew would just bleed over. Well finally, I came to the realization that I am just procrastinating on not taking the next leap. I’m not sure if I am scared or what’s holding me back from making the next move. Am I nervous? Probably so… I mean I like where I am now, BUT I know I am supposed to be doing something bigger. It’s starting to keep me up at night. Who knows where I will end up? Only the Big Guy Upstairs knows the ending to my story. I just know I have to commit and the TIME IS NOW. So from now on, my mind set is to treat at my blog as my personal diary that I want to share with anyone who is willing to read.

So, on to the post that hopefully will be the beginning of many more….


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Last Minute Shopping Guide: Historic Charles Street Edition

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You did it again after you promised yourself last year you’d do better… you’ve waited until the very last-minute to complete your holiday shopping. Last-minute or not, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Below are few thoughtful gift ideas that all can be found within the Historic Charles Street Corridor.
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Roam Fitness at BWI Airport

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Roam Fitness BWI Airport Location

To be honest, I really wasn’t sure how I felt about this new concept of working out at the airport before take-off … but now, after touring Roam Fitness it totally makes sense to me. This gym was amazing, super modern, and exactly what BWI airport was missing.

If you don’t have work out clothes with you, it’s all good! You can rent gear including shoes when you arrive. This accommodation is included in your gym fee.

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To be honest, I’ve been struggling lately. Everything in my life just seems to be going downhill! I’m trying to stay positive, I keep praying, and stopping myself from allowing negative vibes to take over. We’ve all been there & I know that this feeling is just temporary.

So today is much needed… I NEED to reflect and focus on what I’m thankful for in life.

I love this time of year. 

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Open Letter to My Sister!

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   This is a letter, well more like quick blurbs, for my sister who has just completed her first week of high school! I know what you’re thinking: BIG age difference…yep! My mom is bad-ass and had Madison just a few weeks before her 41st birthday! So here it goes Sis…


I love you so much girlie! I look at you and see greatness. This is going to sound so cliché but seriously, you can do whatever you put your mind to…& when you do, I know you WILL kick ass at it! Baby girl, you can become a real #bossbabe. I see it! 

Please, understand that you have a support team like no other around you! I will be your number one cheerleader, ALWAYS. I want only the best for you! My biggest hope: Believe in yourself and let your light shine through no matter what! The world is ready for you and all your talents!

 I know that some of the advice I give you below will be like, “duh!”, but as your big sister, I have to say it. As always, I’m going to be blunt with you because you deserve real ness not fluff. I want you know exactly where I stand, I have your back, I’m an open book, and you can talk to me about anything!

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Date Ideas: The Day Date

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day date pic

Tired of the hearing or saying the same ole line- “Hey lets meet at…or Let’s grab a drink at…” insert bar or restaurant name when it comes to going out on a date? Don’t worry you’re not alone! Are you finding yourself looking for something fun to do on a date or even just something different to do with your friends but having a hard time? I know it can be difficult to come up with a unique date ideas on the spot, I struggle with it too, so I decided to come up with a short list of date ideas (today I will give you 3, I have many more and will post again soon.) These are dates that I’m even going to be checking off my to-do-list. Read the date description below, and I’m sure something will catch your eye.

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15 Things You May Not Know About Me!

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15 things about me

Ugh ok, so I know this post is like the most basic thing ever, but most bloggers do something like this on their page, so I guess it’s time for me to knock it out too!

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D.I.Y Gift Ideas Using Mason Jars

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Gifting D.I.Y Mason Jars are my favorite! They’re fun, personal, affordable, and totally adorable!

You don’t have to be a super creative, crafting wizard either to complete this DIY project. These jars are very simple to assemble. All you need is a mason jar, ribbon, and maybe a label. These may look fancy, but I assure you, there’s nothing fancy happening over here!

My favorite: THE SPA KIT


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Don’t Sweat the Small Things…My Happiness Project

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For the second time, I am reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. This time around I am actually implementing a few tips she learned along her happiness project into my everyday life to help me feel happier, and not get as irritated about the little things. Understand, I am very happy with my life…but just like Gretchen, she just believes she can be happier and more appreciative of the awesomeness around her. Want more? Click to continue reading!