Month: January 2015

30 Day Water Challenge: Week Two

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Week two into my #30DayWaterChallenge and I’m feeling great! As promised, here is a quick update on my water journey. Before I began this challenge 1 week ago my morning went something like this: Wake up, stumble downstairs to the kitchen, immediately turn the Keurig on, and have a cup of coffee. It’s pretty much the same now, but instead of #butfirstcoffee, it’s #butfirstwater. Opening the refrigerator, grabbing my water bottle from the bottom shelf […]

#TheStruggle of Getting Back on Track

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The month of December I completely fell off! Literally, all the positive habits I developed have gone by the wayside. I am tired of my excuses! TODAY I get back on TRACK! 5:00 AM #WakeUpCall: I normally to wake up at 5:00 am every morning to begin my day. Yes, I had a morning routine, (in a later post I will explain my morning routine and the benefits of waking up early) I didn’t just […]